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Reflecting reality

Peilipallopääkuva teossivulla

Photos © Jenni Nurminen / Ateneum Art Museum

Reflecting reality

Reflecting Reality

Ateneum Art Museum 2022


Performers: Hannaleena Heiska and Minna Tervamäki
and Anni Jokimies (dance)


Reflecting Reality becomes an event in the meeting of two modes of expression, in their momentary nature. The performance combines painting with dance, colours and bodily movement, and the gazes of and deep interaction between the two artists. The work emphasises the interaction that happens in the moment, and it is like a mirror in which viewers reflect themselves.



Watch the  Reflecting Reality Teaser

Reflecting Reality performance at Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki 2022 Teaser Cinematography & editing: Mikko Lampinen
Sound: Matti Närekangas


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